SAGE, [Balthasar Georges].

Expériences propres a faire connoitre que l’Alkali Volatil Fluor est le remede le plus efficace dans les Asphyxies;… Troisième édition, augmentée. Paris: L’Imprimerie de Monsieur, 1778. [Bound with:]
[2] MARTINET, – . Observations médico-chimiques sur le Cancer. Paris: L’Imprimerie de Monsieur, 1781. [Bound with:]
[3] GARDANNE, [Joseph Jacques] de. Catechisme sur les morts apparantes, dites Asphyxies… Paris: L’Imprimerie de Valade, 1781. [Bound with:]
[4] REVILLON, Claude. Recherches sur la cause des Affections Hypochondriaques, apelées communément vapeurs… Paris: la veuve Hérissant, 1779. [Bound with:]
[5] PARIS, [Jean François]. Mémoire sur la Peste. Avignon: Jean Mossy, 1778.

Paris: L’Imprimerie de Monsieur, 1778.1778

5 works in 1 volume, 8vo, 2 leaves, pp. xvi, 76; 2 leaves, pp. 39; 3 leaves, pp. (3)–160; xii, 121, (3); (iv), xxxvi, 86. Contemporary French mottled calf, spine richly gilt, red morocco label, bookplate. Head of spine slightly chipped, otherwise fine.

[1] Third(?), final and enlarged edition. A monograph on the chemical properties of sal volatile, prepared from sal ammoniac and slaked lime, and its uses in cases of asphyxiation and other accidents. It begins with the description of the experiment performed by Lavoisier at the Académie des Sciences, in which he demonstrated the asphyxiating power of carbon dioxide on a bird, which was then revived by Sage using volatile alkali fluid (ammonium carbonate), a preparation later known as “smelling salts”. The Lieutenant-General of Police ordered a large number of copies to be printed for the welfare of the public. Duveen p. 523 (third edition). Neville II, p. 414. Wellcome V, p. 5. See Cole 1145. Not in Huston, Resuscitation. [2] Probably the first edition; a new edition appeared in 1783. [3] FIRST EDITION (?). Ten editions had appeared by 1782; this edition is “signed” by Valade to prevent counterfeits. Huston, Resuscitation, 18. [4] FIRST EDITION. [5] FIRST EDITION. Includes a bibliography.


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