ROWE, Jacob.

A Demonstration of the Diving Engine; its invention and various uses. A facsimile and transcription of the original manuscript with an introduction, and a life of the author, by Michael Fardell and Nigel Phillips.

London: The Historical Diving Society, .2000

Crown quarto, 39 pages, including 15 facsimile pages printed in sepia. Case bound with dust jacket. New.

FIRST EDITION. A facsimile of an eighteenth century illustrated manuscript, which is a practical manual for the use of Rowe’s diving apparatus, of the type known as a barrel. The diver was encased in a cylinder where he lay on his stomach with his arms protruding through sealed holes, in which he was lowered down to the seabed from a ship. The manuscript describes and illustrates the construction of the apparatus, and the methods used for locating, breaking up, and salvaging a wreck. ISBN 0-948065-39-7.


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