Diving and Underwater Technology 1405–1830. A narrative bibliography.

[Chilbolton:] Printed for the author, 2018

2 volumes, 4to, 894 text pages, with frontispiece and 289 other illustrations (many in colour). Cloth, gilt. New.

FIRST EDITION. This history and bibliography of diving and underwater technology recounts the development of diving and diving apparatus from the beginning of technological writing in the West to when it became possible to provide a continuous supply of air to a diver under water. It studies all the printed books and numerous manuscripts on the subject produced between 1405 and 1830, and reveals why the most important innovations occurred when they did. Up to about 1730 most of the principal entries include the complete text either in the original English or in an English translation, together with any illustrations. Profusely illustrated and with detailed bibliographies of all the sources, this is an essential work for technology libraries, collectors and historians. (For UK orders please click the "Collect in Person" button to include postage.}


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