Tratado instructivo, y práctico sobre el Arte de la Tintura: reglas experimentadas y metódicas para tintar sedas, lanas, hilos de todas clases, y esparto en rama. Formado de orden del Exmo. D. Miguel de Muzquiz…por Luis Fernandez, Maestro Tintorero…

Madrid: En la imprenta de Blas Roman. 1778

Folio, pp. xxx, 250, and 13 engraved plates (1 folding). Contemporary limp vellum (some minor marks and wear to lower edges). A fine copy with good margins.

FIRST EDITION of the first important Spanish book on dyeing. The text analyzes in detail the treatment of silk, wool and yarn, the preparation of textiles and the steps of dyeing, with detailed instructions for natural methods and pigments. The copperplates show the main operations that are used in the Real Fábrica de Madrid, with the workers that participate and the necessary equipment to execute the process of coloration. The final, folding plate shows the layout and process of the author’s business where he dyed material for the five largest guilds in Madrid, which commissioned this book. Ron, Bibliotheca Tinctoria, 0371.


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