Anno Nono Georgii IV. Regis. Cap. XL. An Act to amend the Laws for the Erection and Regulation of County Lunatic Asylums, and more effectually to provide for the Care and Maintenance of Pauper and Criminal Lunatics, in England. [And:] Cap. XLI. An Act to regulate the Care and Treatment of Insane Persons in England. [15th July 1828.]

[London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Strahan... .]1828

Folio, pp. 365–395 and 397–416. Some 19th century notes and underlining in ink and two marginal tears in the first Act. Disbound.

FIRST EDITIONS. The most important Acts of Parliament for the regulation of lunatic asylums since the first of 1774, replacing the Commissioners of the College of Physicians with fifteen Metropolitan Commissioners. “The Act of 1828 (9 Geo. IV, c. 41) empowered the Commissioners to visit private asylums in the metropolitan area four times a year...and to meet quarterly to grant licences which they could revoke or refuse. Unlike the College of Physicians Commissioners to whom the job had become irksome, they pursued their task with zeal and...effected many long overdue improvements. So successful was their vigilance and devotion that in 1842 it was moved in the House [of Commons] that they be empowered to inspect all asylums public and private throughout the country” (Hunter & Macalpine, p. 923).


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