LAVOISIER, Antoine Laurent, et al.

Méthode de Nomenclature Chimique, proposée par MM. de Morveau, Lavoisier, Bertholet, & De Fourcroy. On y a joint un nouveau systême de caractères chimiques, adaptés à cette nomenclature, par MM. Hassenfratz & Adet.

Paris: Cuchet,1787

8vo, 2 leaves, 314 pages, 1 large folding printed table and 6 folding engraved plates. Contemporary mottled calf (foot of one joint repaired). Very good copy.

FIRST EDITION, second issue, of one of the key books in the history of modern chemistry. Lavoisier’s discoveries made a new and rational chemical nomenclature imperative. Initiated by Guyton de Morveau, still an adherent of the phlogiston theory, the project was taken up by Lavoisier, who soon convinced Guyton of the truth of his system. They entered into collaboration with Berthollet and Fourcroy. The result of their combined efforts is contained in the present volume, the most important milestone in the development of chemical nomenclature. The new nomenclature, with only slight modifications, is still the basis of the language of modern chemistry. In this second printing of the first edition, the pages 257–272 are misnumbered 241–256. Cole 566. Duveen & Klickstein 129. Sparrow, Milestones of Science, p. 27 and plate 113.


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