KLINGERT, Karl Heinrich.

Description of a Diving Machine suitable for use in rivers (1797) and A Brief Supplement to the History and Description of a Diving Machine, together with the explanation of a lantern or lamp which burns in any vitiated air, and in water (1822). With an Introduction by Michael Jung. Translated by Nigel Phillips and Anne Pettigrew. Edited by Michael Fardell and Nigel Phillips.

London: The Historical Diving Society, .2002

Crown quarto, 51 pages, with 6 illustrations and two facsimile title-pages. Case bound with dust jacket. New.

FIRST EDITION IN ENGLISH. In his book of 1797 Klingert describes his two designs for diving apparatus: his semi-atmospheric suit, in which he obtained his air from the surface by two hoses, and his second apparatus with a large tank of air, which theoretically enabled the diver to go deeper and dispensed with the hoses to the surface. In his second work of 1822 he describes a lamp designed to burn under water, and his free diving apparatus equipped with a cylinder of compressed air.


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