HARTREE, Douglas R.

The ENIAC, an Electronic Computing Machine. [In:] Nature, vol. 158, pp. 500–506, October 12 1946.

Large 8vo, pp. lii, 956. Black buckram, spine lettered in gilt, library bookplate. The whole volume is offered, of which Hartree’s paper occupies pp. 500–506, with 3 photographic illustrations.

FIRST EDITION. “The first paper on an electronic digital computer published in a large-circulation international scientific journal.” Hartree, a British mathematician, first learned of ENIAC in 1945, and the following year became the first Englishman to work with the machine. “He was the first to bring news of ENIAC to Great Britain, publishing the above article in Nature shortly after his return from the United States.” Hook & Norman, Origins of cyberspace, 648.


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