GAY-LUSSAC, Joseph Louis.

Instruction sur l’essai des matières d’argent par la voie humide. Publiée par la Commission des Monnais et Médailles.

Paris: De l’Imprimerie Royale, .1832

4to, 88 pages, and 6 large folding engraved plates of apparatus by Le Blanc. Original blue sugar-paper wrappers, uncut and largely unopened.

FIRST EDITION. With this work Gay-Lussac made a major contribution to chemical analysis. It contains a detailed description of his precipitation titration method for the quantitative determination of silver, which completely displaced the centuries old method of cupellation. It was printed at the government press and published by the Commission des Monnais et Médailles. Cole 509. Neville I, p. 504: “One of the most important books published by Gay-Lussac.” Darmstaedter, Handbuch, p. 386.


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