Inledning til Chemien. Åbo: Tryckt i Frenckellska Boktryckeriet, 1798. [Bound with:]
2. SEGERSTEDT, Albrecht Julius. Inledning til Kunskapen om de Jordiske Kropparne, med affeende påderas kännemärken, egenskaper och nytta uti naturens hushällning samt det almänna lefvernet. Tryckt i Strengnäs, [no printer or publisher,] 1798. [and:]
3. [EKEBERG, Andreas Gustaf.] Försök till Svensk Nomenklatur för Chemien, lämpad efter de sednaste uptackterne. Stockholm & Upsala: på Silverstolpes förlag. [Colophon:] Upsala: Tryckt hos Johan Fred. Edman… 1795.

Åbo: Tryckt i Frenckellska Boktryckeriet, 1798

8vo, 1: pp. (iv), 150, 1 leaf (errata). 2: pp. (viii), 214, (2) errata and contents. 3: 31 pages. Contemporary half calf, speckled sides (slightly rubbed), flat spine with gilt rules, brown lettering-piece. Signature of Daniel Tegnander, Uppsala 1798, probably the first owner who bound these three works together.

1. FIRST EDITION. “Based on Fourcroy’s Philosophie chimique this was the first textbook in Swedish to use the new chemistry. The author’s changes and additions prevented his calling the work a translation of Fourcroy. The nomenclature used was that of Ekeberg with some divergence from that work and the French nomenclature” (Cole 503). Neville I, p. 496. Gadolin was professor of chemistry at Åbo. His lectures always made use of the new chemistry, and he became the spokesman in Scandinavia for Lavoisier’s nomenclature. Gadolinite and gadolinium are named after him. The present book was “his most significant publication” (DSB). 2. IRST EDITION. On the chemistry of earths and minerals. The physician and priest Albrecht Segerstedt (1763–1815) was appointed in 1795 as Assistant Professor in Natural History at the high school in Strängnäs. In connection with this he printed and published a large number of works, several of which he wrote or translated himself. 3. FIRST EDITION. “Overlooked by Duveen and Klickstein [in their bibliography of Lavoisier], this is the earliest Swedish nomenclature (1795) using the new terminology. It is arranged in three columns: the old name, the new French and the new Swedish. A number of long footnotes and an introduction are provided by the author. The work was dedicated to Afzelius (professor of chemistry), Gadolin and Hierta” (Cole 402). Not in Neville or Duveen.


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