FANZAGO, Francesco [Luigi].

Memoria Storica e Ragionata sopra l’Innesto del Vajuolo Vaccino. In Padova [Padua]: [no printer or publisher, 1801]. [Bound with:] [2.] ODIER, L[ouis]. Memoria sopra l’Inoculazione della Vaccina in Ginevra… Tradotta dal Francese con aggiunte concernenti i successi della vaccina. In Padova [Padua]: [no printer or publisher], 1801. [And with:] [3.] SACCO, Luigi. Osservazioni pratiche sull’ uso del Vajuolo Vaccino come preservativo del Vajuolo Umano. Edizione II. Padova [Padua]: A spese di Pietro Brandolese, 1801.

In Padova [Padua]: [no printer or publisher, ]. 1801

3 works in 1 volume, 8vo, 74 pages, 1 leaf (blank); pp. viii, 46, 1 leaf (blank); 174 pages, 1 leaf (blank), 2 engraved plates on 1 folding sheet. Contemporary sheep-backed boards, label missing from spine but fine copies.

Three of the earliest Italian works on vaccination. Jenner’s Inquiry was published in Italian in 1800.[1.] FIRST EDITION. Fanzago was professor of pathology at the University of Padua.[2.] FIRST EDITION IN ITALIAN. Odier was responsible for first publishing the Inquiry in French, and perhaps also for adopting the term “vaccination”.[3.] Second edition in the same year as the first. Sacco was the first writer on vaccination in Italy, and the present book preceded his larger Trattato di vaccinazione by eight years. The plate was reproduced in his later book in a coloured version. He was director of vaccination in Lombardy, and was largely responsible for the success of vaccination in Italy.


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