EUSTACHI, Bartholomeo.

Opuscula Anatomica: de renum structura, officio, utilitate & administratione. De auditus organis. Ossium examen. De capitis motu. De de dentibus. Editio tertia emendata… Accedit leal lealis...sive de partibus semen conscientibus in viro.

Delphis [Delft]: apud Adrianum Beman,1726

3 parts in 1 volume, 8vo, pp. (xii), 302, (24), 327–358, (2) blank; (vi), 98, (11); (iv), 5–47, and 10 engraved plates (2 folding). Title printed in red and black, separate title-pages to the Tractatus de Dentibus and Lealis Lealis. Paper a bit browned in the extreme margins, short tear in fold of one plate. Contemporary vellum, minor damage to top of spine, a very good copy.

Third edition, with the same collation as the second edition of 1707. The first edition appeared in 1563, and is a rare and valuable book. It is cited by G&M no less than six times: 801 (cardiology), 1093 (lymphatics, the first work cited), 1139 (anatomy of the glands), 1228 (urology, the first work cited on the kidney), 1538 (otology), and 3668 (dentistry). The Opuscula contains the first description of the adrenal glands, Eustachi’s work on the lymphatic system, and his description of the “Eustachian valve”, the valvula venae cavae in the right auricle of the heart. In otology he is credited with the discovery of the tensor tympani muscle and the Eustachian tube. Also included is Eustachi’s treatise on the kidney, illustrated here with eight of the plates. The Tractatus de Dentibus is the first modern book on dentistry — Eustachi was the first to study the teeth in any detail. The last tract is Leale Leali’s treatise on semen, with two plates, first published in 1686. There is short preface by Boerhaave, who is reported to be partly responsible for the salvage and publication in 1714 of Eustachi’s anatomical plates. Lindeboom, Bibliographia Boerhaaviana, 537.


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