Several Useful Observations and Experiments made by Mosn. De Rassou, on his Arquebusade Water, during his many years service, as surgeon and apothecary in the Duke of Marlborough’s army, and in many years practice since.

No place, printer or date; London: c.1740

Small folio (31 x 19 cm), printed on the recto only. Minor fraying to upper edge, single vertical and horizontal creases from folding, three small tears in the horizontal fold, upper left quarter slightly browned, but generally in a remarkably good state of preservation.

Broadside, describing the treatment used by De Rassou with his “Arquebusade Water”. He recommended its external use for gunshot wounds, fractures, cuts and dislocations, etc, and its internal use for haemorrhages, pains in the side, women in childbirth, ulceration of the bowels, etc. De Rassou is spoken of in the past tense, and the water was only available from his successor, Wentworth Ogle, apothecary in Wallbrook, London, each bottle being sealed with his arms, shown in a small woodcut in the lower corner. A very rare survivor, unrecorded by ESTC and COPAC, of this advertisement for the treatment used by a surgeon in the army of the Duke of Marlborough (1650–1722).


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