BOYLE, Robert.

Hydrostatical Paradoxes, made out by new experiments, (for the most part physical and easie.)

Oxford: Printed by William Hall, for Richard Davis,1666

8vo, 18 leaves, 247 pages, 3 folding and stilted engraved plates. Title printed in red and black within double ruled border. Contemporary sheep, spine unlettered and with later gilt rules (neat repairs to ends of spine), no free endpapers. Title a little dust-soiled especially in the upper margin. Early signature of J. Briggs, Trinity College, Cambridge, in upper corner of title.

FIRST EDITION. “Like many of Boyle’s researches the Hydrostatical Paradoxes resulted from the perusal of a recently published book. ‘Monsieur Paschall’ had written a ‘small French book’, the treatise of the ‘Aequilibrium of Liquids’, and Boyle had been asked by the Royal Society to read and report upon it. He deals rather shortly with his author and then proceeds to describe at length the experiments which convinced him of the fallacies of his French contemporary. Boyle points out, among other things, that since pressure in a liquid is transmitted equally in all directions, divers need not fear the greatest depths… The celebrated experiments ‘that water may be made as well to depress a Body lighter then it self, as to buoy it up’ are recorded in Paradox 8, pp. 160 et seq. The observation is still made in much the same fashion by every student in his ‘practical’ courses in physics” (Fulton). Wing B3985. Phillips, Diving, p. 229. Fulton 52. This was the only English edition.


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