BERNARD, Claude.

Sur une Nouvelle Fonction du Foie chez l’homme et les animaux. (Extrait par l’auteur.) [In:] Comptes Rendus Hebd. des séances de l’Acad. des Sciences, t. XXXI, No. 17. (21 October 1850), pp. 571-574.

Paris: Bachelier, .1850

4to, pp. 561–592. Original pink wrappers, slightly faded, uncut, fine copy. The complete original issue of the journal, in which the paper by Bernard occupies pp. 571–574.

FIRST EDITION, THE ORIGINAL JOURNAL ISSUE. Bernard made his first report on the glycogenic function of the liver in 1848 (G&M 995) in a communication to the Archives Générales de Médecine. In the present paper, two years later, he provided experimental proof that the liver produces highly complex substances, including sugar with all the characteristics of glucose, from the nutriment brought to it by the blood, which are then modified for distribution to the body, as required. These two papers formed the basis of his thesis on the subject (1853), which he used to obtain his doctorate in science. Dibner, Heralds of science, 131.


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