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Saggi di Naturali Esperienze. Terza edizione Fiorentina preceduta da notizie storiche dell’Accademia stessa e seguitata da alcune aggiunte. Firenze: dai Torchi della Tipografia Galileiana, 1841. More
ACCUM, Frederick.
A Practical Treatise on Gas-Light; exhibiting a summary description of the apparatus and machinery best calculated for illuminating streets, houses, and manufactories, with carburetted hydrogen, or coal-gas: with remarks on the utility, safety, and general nature of this new branch of civil economy. More
ACCUM, Frederick.
Traité Pratique sur l’usage et le mode d’application des Réactifs Chimiques fondé sur des expériences; suivi d’instructions, pour l’analyse, des mines métalliques, des métaux, des sols, des engrais, et des eaux minérales. Traduit de l’anglais, sur la seconde édition (de 1818); par Jn. Riffault. More
£250.00 ADAMS, William.
Club-Foot: its causes, pathology, and treatment. Being the essay to which the Jacksonian Prize for 1864, given by the Royal College of Surgeons, was awarded. Second edition. More
£250.00 ADAMS, William.
On Contractions of the Fingers (Dupuytren’s and Congenital Contractions.) and on “Hammer-Toe”. Including two essays of Dupuytren’s contraction of the fingers, and its successful treatment by subcutaneous divisions of the palmar fascia, and immediate extension. One essay on congenital contraction of the fingers... One essay on the successful treatment of hammer-toe... And one essay on the obliteration of depressed cicatrices after glandular abscesses, or exfoliation of bone by a subcutaneous operation. Second edition. More
£450.00 ADAMS, William.
On the Reparative Process in Human Tendons after subcutaneous division for the cure of deformities; with an account of the appearances presented in fifteen post-mortem examinations in the human subject; also a series of experiments on rabbits, and a résumé of the English and foreign literature of the subject... More
£50.00 ADAMS, William.
On the Successful Treatment of “Hammer-toe” by the subcutaneous division of the lateral ligaments. Read before the Medical Society, March 19th, 1888. More
ADDISON, Thomas.
Observations on the Disorders of Females connected with Uterine Irritation. More
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