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[LABELYE, Charles (?)]
The Present State of Westminster Bridge. Containing a description of the said bridge, as it has been ordered into execution by the right honourable, &c., the commissioners appointed by Parliament, and is now carrying on. With a true account of the time already employed in the building, and of the works which are now done. In a letter to a friend. More
BABBAGE, Charles.
A Comparative View of the various Institutions for the Assurance of Lives. More
GUEST, Richard.
A Compendious History of the Cotton-Manufacture; with a disproval of the claim of Sir Richard Arkwright to the invention of its ingenious machinery. More
LEMERY, Nicolas.
A Course of Chymistry. Containing the Easiest Manner of performing those Operations that are in Use in Physick. Illustrated with many Curious Remarks and Useful Discourses upon each Operation. Translated by Walter Harris, Doctor of Physick. More
HAUKSBEE, Francis.
A Course of Mechanical, Optical, Hydrostatical, and Pneumatical Experiments. To be perform’d by Francis Hauksbee; and the explanatory lectures read by William Whiston, M.A. More
WATSON, White.
A Delineation of the Strata of Derbyshire, forming the surface from Bolsover in the east to Buxton in the west, by a plate, designed from a tablet, composed of the specimens of each stratum within the above line, with an explanatory account of the same; together with a description of the fossils found in these strata; and also of the nature and quality of the respective soils. More
£18.00 ROWE, Jacob.
A Demonstration of the Diving Engine; its invention and various uses. A facsimile and transcription of the original manuscript with an introduction, and a life of the author, by Michael Fardell and Nigel Phillips. More
LABELYE, Charles.
A Description of Westminster Bridge. To which are added, an account of the methods made use of in laying the foundations of its piers. And an answer to the chief objections, that have been made thereto. With an appendix… As also its geometrical plans, and the elevation of one of the fronts, as it is finished, correctly engraven on two large copper-plates. More
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