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HEATH, Robert.
A Natural and Historical Account of the Islands of Scilly: describing their situation, number, extent, soil, culture, produce, rarities, towns, fortifications, trade, manufacture, inhabitants. Their government, laws, customs, grants, records, and antiquities. The importance of those islands to the British trade and navigation… And, lastly, a general account of Cornwall. More
A Statistical and Historical Inquiry into the progress and magnitude of the Population of Ireland. More
LA CONDAMINE, [Charles Marie] de.
A Succinct Abridgement of a Voyage made within the Inland Parts of South-America; from the coasts of the South-Sea, to the coasts of Brazil and Guiana, down the river of Amazons: as it was read in the public assembly of the Academy of Sciences at Paris, April 28, 1745. To which is annexed, a map of the Maranon, or river of Amazons… More
WALES, William.
An Inquiry into the Present State of Population in England and Wales; and the proportion which the present number of inhabitants bears to the number at former periods. More
De Situ Orbis libri tres, ad omnium Angliæ & Hiberniæ Codicum MSS, fidem, summa cura & diligentia recogniti & collati; tabulisque, cincta in eo scriptore gentium locorumque amplectentibus, nunc primum illustrati. Accedunt I. Notae… II. Dissertatio de Ariane: III. Synopsis Pomponiana… More
[KINGLAKE, Alexander William.]
Eothen, or traces of travel brought home from the East. More
DAPPER, Olfert.
Naukeurige Beschrijvinge der Afrikaensche Gewesten van Egypten, Barbaryen, Libyen, Biledulgerid, Negroslant, Guinea, Ethiopiën, Abyssinie… t’Amsterdam: By Jacob van Meurs… 1668. [Bound with:] Naukeurige Beschrijvinge der Afrikaensche Eylanden: als Madagaskar, of Sant Laurens, Sant Thomee, d’eilanden van Kanarien, Kaep de Verd, Malta, en andere… More
JONES, Sir William.
On the Hindus.] [In:] Asiatick Researches: or, Transactions of the Society, instituted at Bengal, for inquiring into the history and antiquities, the arts, sciences, and literature, of Asia, volume 1, pp. 415–431. More
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