£2400.00 WISEMAN, Richard.
Severall Chirurgical Treatises. More
An Account of the Foxglove, and some of its medical uses: with practical remarks on dropsy, and other diseases. More
WOLFF, Caspar Friedrich.
Über die Bildung des Darmkanals im bebrüteten Hühnchen. Uebersetzt und mit einer einleitenden Abhandlung und Anmerkungen versehen von Johann Friedrich Meckel. More
Reports of a Series of Inoculations for the Variolæ Vaccinæ, or Cow-Pox; with remarks and observations on this disease, considered as a substitute for the small-pox. London: Printed and sold by James Phillips and Son… 1799. [Bound with:] 2. WOODVILLE, William. Observations on the Cow-Pox. London: Printed and sold by William Phillips… 1800. [And:] 3. PEARSON, George. An Examination of the Report of the committee of the House of Commons on the claims of remuneration for the Vaccine Pock Inoculation: containing a statement of the principal historical facts of the vaccina. London: Printed for J. Johnson… 1802. [And:] 4. PRUEN, Thomas. A Comparative Sketch of the effects of variolous and Vaccine Inoculation, being an enumeration of facts not generally known or considered… [Cheltenham:] Printed for Phillips, Crosby, Murray, Dwyer and other booksellers. 1807. [And:] 5. CHRISTIE, Thomas. An Account of the Ravages committed in Ceylon by Small-Pox, previously to the introduction of vaccination: with a statement of…vaccine inoculation in that island. More
£550.00 YOUNG, David.
Observations upon Fire, with a view to the best and most expeditious methods of extinguishing it, upon a new plan, with or without water. More
ZANOTTI, Eustachio.
La Meridiana del tempio di San Petronio rinnovata l’anno MDCCLXXVI. Si aggiunge la ristampa del libro pubblicato l’anno 1695. sopra la ristaurazione della meridiana eseguita dai celebri matematici Gio: Domenico Cassini e Domenico Guglielmini. More