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JAMESON, Robert.
A System of Mineralogy, in which minerals are arranged according to the natural history method. Third edition, enlarged and improved. More
HOPE, Sir Thomas.
A Treatise concerning the Manner of Fallowing of Ground, Raising of Grass-Seeds, and Training of Lint and Hemp, for the increase and improvement of linnen-manufactories in Scotland. Publishe’d for the benefit of the farmers in that kingdom, by the Honourable Society for Improving in the Knowledge of Agriculture. More
£350.00 DICKSON, Adam.
A Treatise of Agriculture. More
A Treatise of Artificial Magnets; in which is shewn an easy and expeditious method of making them, superior to the best natural ones: and also, a way of improving the natural ones, and of changing or converting their poles. Directions are likewise given for making the mariner’s needles in the best form, and for touching them most advantageously, &c. More
FORSTER, Westgarth.
A Treatise on a Section of the Strata, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to the mountain of Cross Fell, in Cumberland; with remarks on mineral veins in general. Also, tables of the strata, in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, &c. To which is added, a treatise on the discovery, the opening, and the working of lead mines; with the dressing and smelting of lead ores. Second edition, greatly enlarged… More
BANKS, John.
A Treatise on Mills, in four parts. Part first, on circular motion. Part second, on the maximum of moving bodies, machines, engines, &c. Part third, on the velocity of effluent water. Part fourth, experiments on circular motion, water wheels, &c. Second edition. More
£800.00 CAVALLO, Tiberius.
A Treatise on the Nature and Properties of Air, and other permanently elastic fluids. To which is prefixed, an introduction to chymistry. London: Printed for the author. 1781. More
FABRE, Pierre Jean.
Alchymista Christianus. In quo deus rerum author omnium, & quamplurima fidei Christianae mysteria, per analogias chymicas & figuras explicantur, Christianorumque orthodoxa, doctrina, vita & probitas non oscitanter exchymica arte demonstrantur. More
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