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HULME, Nathaniel.
A safe and easy remedy, proposed for the relief of the stone and gravel, the scurvy, gout, &c. And for the destruction of worms in the human body, illustrated by cases: together with an extemporaneous method of impregnating water, and other liquids, with fixed air, by simple mixture only, without the assistance of any apparatus, or complicated machine. The third edition. More
A Statistical and Historical Inquiry into the progress and magnitude of the Population of Ireland. More
£850.00 TRAVERS, Benjamin.
A Synopsis of the Diseases of the Eye, and their treatment: to which are prefixed, a short anatomical description and a sketch of the physiology of that organ. London: Printed for Longman,… 1820. [Bound with:] Notes to a Synopsis of the Diseases of the Eye. More
TOWNE, Richard.
A Treatise of the Diseases most frequent in the West-Indies, and herein more particularly of those which occur in Barbadoes. More
RAMAZZINI, Bernardino.
A Treatise of the Diseases of Tradesmen, shewing the various influence of particular trades upon the state of health; with the best methods to avoid or correct it, and useful hints proper to be minded in regulating the cure of all diseases incident to tradesmen. More
£60.00 NAUNYN, B[ernard].
A Treatise on Cholelithiasis. Translated by Archibald Garrod. More
A Treatise on Corns, Bunions, the Diseases of Nails, and the general management of the feet. More
£200.00 STANLEY, Edward.
A Treatise on Diseases of the Bones. More
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