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HUMBER, William.
A Practical Treatise on Cast and Wrought Iron Bridges and Girders, as applied to railway structures, and to buildings generally, with numerous examples… More
ACCUM, Frederick.
A Practical Treatise on Gas-Light; exhibiting a summary description of the apparatus and machinery best calculated for illuminating streets, houses, and manufactories, with carburetted hydrogen, or coal-gas: with remarks on the utility, safety, and general nature of this new branch of civil economy. More
A Proposal to determine our Longitude. The second edition, in English only. More
HULME, Nathaniel.
A safe and easy remedy, proposed for the relief of the stone and gravel, the scurvy, gout, &c. And for the destruction of worms in the human body, illustrated by cases: together with an extemporaneous method of impregnating water, and other liquids, with fixed air, by simple mixture only, without the assistance of any apparatus, or complicated machine. The third edition. More
A Short Account of Experiments and Instruments, depending on the Relations of Air to Heat and Moisture. More
LABELYE, Charles.
A Short Account of the Methods made use of in Laying the Foundation of the Piers of Westminster-Bridge. With an answer to the chief objections that have been made thereto… To which are annex’d, the plans, elevations and sections belonging to a design of a stone-bridge… with an Explanation of that Design. More
RUMSEY, James.
A Short Treatise on the Application of Steam, whereby is clearly shewn, from actual experiments, that steam may be applied to propel boats or vessels of any burthen against rapid currents with great velocity. Great Velocity. The same principles are also introduced with effect, by a machine of a simple and cheap construction, for the purpose of raising water sufficient for the working of grist or saw mills. And for watering meadows and other agricultural purposes. More
A System of Mechanical Philosophy. With notes, by David Brewster. More
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