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£240.00 FERRIS, Samuel.
A General View of the Establishment of Physic as a Science in England, by the incorporation of the College of Physicians, London, together with an inquiry into the nature of that incorporation. In which it is demonstrated, that the exclusion of all physicians, except the graduates of Oxford and Cambridge, from the corporate privileges of the College, is founded in usurpation, being contrary to the letter and spirit of its charter. More
£40.00 NEUBAUER, C. and J. VOGEL.
A Guide to the Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Urine, designed especially for the use of medical men. Fourth edition, considerably altered and enlarged. (With 4 plates and 28 woodcuts.) Translated by William O. Markham. More
£950.00 CARPUE, Joseph Constantine.
A History of the High Operation for the Stone, by incision above the pubis; with observations on the advantages attending it and an account of the various methods of lithotomy, from the earliest periods to the present time. More
JACKSON, Robert.
A Letter to the Commissioners of Military Enquiry; explaining the true constitution of a medical staff, the best form of economy for hospitals, &c. With a refutation of errors and misrepresentations contained in a letter by Dr. Bancroft, army physician, dated April 28, 1808. More
MARAT, Jean-Paul.
A Philosophical Essay on Man. Being an attempt to investigate the principles and laws of the reciprocal influence of the soul and body. More
BREE, Robert.
A Practical Inquiry on Disordered Respiration; distinguishing convulsive asthma, its specific causes, and proper indications of cure. More
£280.00 VETCH, John.
A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye. More
HURLOCK, Joseph.
A practical treatise upon dentition; or, the breeding of the teeth in children: wherein the causes of the acute symptoms arising in that dangerous period are enquired into... More
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